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Meeting Tables

  • Calais Flip Table

    Starting From $499.00
  • Delta Small Boardroom Table

    Starting From $624.00
  • Delta Large Boardroom Table

    Starting From $999.00
  • Folkstone Metal Leg Table

    Starting From $209.00
  • Sale!

    Munich Small Boardroom Table

    Starting From $624.00$574.00
  • Viper Sit Stand Desk

    Starting From $1,206.00
  • Calais Small Boardroom Table

    Starting From $924.00
  • Delta Meeting Table

    Starting From $294.00
  • CBT2412-NO-1000x723

    Folkstone Rectangular Meeting Table Small

    Starting From $399.00
  • RAB2412-A-1000x667

    Rapid Air Small Boardroom Table

    Starting From $705.00
  • Manhattan Bar Table

    Starting From $799.00
  • australian-made-owned

    Alpha Round Office Table

    Starting From $332.00
  • Rux Office Table

    Starting From $249.00
  • Stirk Drawing Table

    Starting From $324.00
  • Stirk Round Table

    Starting From $424.00
  • Stirk Rectangular Table

    Starting From $249.00
  • Modulus Dual Boardroom Table

    Starting From $2,349.00
  • ANVBL1275W_W

    Anvil Bar Leaner

    Starting From $630.00
  • diplomat meeting table small

    Diplomat Conference Table Small

    Starting From $1,855.00
  • CBT2412-NO-1000x723

    Folkstone Rectangular Meeting Table Large

    Starting From $674.00
  • Stirk Plan Table With Shelf

    Starting From $849.00
  • Modulus-All-Black-Meeting-Boardroom-Single-Post-Collar-Leg

    Modulus Small Boardroom Table

    Starting From $924.00
  • EKDMT189D

    EkoSystem Pedestal Meeting Table

    Starting From $390.00
  • Rapid Edge Folding Table

  • RAB2412-NO-1000x723

    Rapid Air Large Boardroom Table

    Starting From $703.00
  • HBT189-NO-1000x723

    Folkstone High Bar Table

    Starting From $365.00
  • Australian Made and Owned

    Alpha Round Coffee Table

    Starting From $255.00
  • diplomat conference table large

    Diplomat Conference Table Large

    Starting From $2,416.00
  • Calais Metal Top Dual Boardroom Table – 720h

    Starting From $2,349.00
  • D-ERT990-NOBL-1000x797

    Eternity Meeting Table

    Starting From $320.00
  • EHBT1875-NOBL-1000x797

    Eternity High Bar

    Starting From $403.00
  • Axis-Mobile-Bar-Leaner-1800x750_NO_BF-1200x900

    Axis Mobile Bar Leaner

    Starting From $757.00
  • RAB2412-A-1-1000x667

    Rapid Manager Boardroom Table Aluminium legs

    Starting From $720.00
  • VCBT2412-A-1000x667

    Rapid Manager Boardroom Table with Ironstone Base

    Starting From $421.00
  • Untitled design

    Potenza Boardroom Table

    Starting From $1,498.00
  • Novara-Meeting-Table1b

    Potenza Meeting Table

    Starting From $643.00
  • TTR900-C-1000x667

    Typhoon Round Table

    Starting From $273.00
  • RBRT12-C-1000x698

    4 Star Round Table

    Starting From $233.00
  • australian-made-ownedMomentum coffee table rectangular_graphite oak

    Momentum Rectangular Coffee Table 600W

  • australian-made-ownedMomentum coffee table round_graphite oak

    Momentum Round Coffee Table 600W

  • australian-made-owned3000_oak graphite

    Momentum Meeting Table 3000W

    Starting From $590.00
  • australian-made-owned2400_oak graphite

    Momentum Meeting Table 2400W

    Starting From $401.00
  • australian-made-owned1200_graphite oak

    Momentum Round Table 1200W

    Starting From $294.00
  • australian-made-owned900_graphite oak

    Momentum Round Table 900W

    Starting From $267.00
  • Australian Made and OwnedTable-H-base-Rectangular

    Alpha Rectangular Office Table

    Starting From $357.00
  • MGOPJ-MT09GLSBK-600x683

    Forza Glass Meeting Table

  • New-Forza-Boardroom-Table

    Forza Executive Boardroom Table

    Starting From $4,828.00
  • CBT990-NOWS-1024x1024

    Square Meeting Table

    Starting From $245.00
  • CRM12-B-1024x824

    Folkstone Round Table

    Starting From $183.00
  • Chrome-Round-Leg-Round-Table-1024x916

    Chrome Leg Round Table

  • RST189-NO-1000x627

    Rapid Span Meeting Table

    Starting From $397.00
  • PLBL126_NO-1200x900

    Plantation Bar Leaners

    Starting From $928.00
  • Ring-Side-Table-1200x900

    Ring Side Table

  • PLT3612_NO-1200x900

    Plantation Large Meeting Table

    Starting From $2,139.00
  • PLT189_NO-1200x900

    Plantation Meeting Table

    Starting From $987.00
  • Coffee-Table-600D-1200x900 (1)

    Plantation Coffee Table

    Starting From $750.00
  • PLT900R_NO-1200x900

    Plantation Meeting Table Round

    Starting From $744.00
  • 9SFT189-NO-1000x723

    Folkstone Metal Leg Drafting Table

    Starting From $244.00
  • RAR900-C-1-1000x877

    Rapid Air Round Table

    Starting From $355.00
  • matrix electric straight desk

    Matrix Electric Straight Desk

    Starting From $1,049.00
  • EKMT189D_NOC

    EkoSystem Meeting Table

    Starting From $241.00
  • TMM-1575W

    Team Rectangular Meeting Table

    Starting From $759.00
  • TMR-9W

    Team Round Meeting Table

    Starting From $649.00
  • TRESTAB189W_W-768x576

    Trestle Bar Leaner

    Starting From $810.00
  • TTR189-C-1000x667

    Typhoon Boardroom Table

    Starting From $544.00
  • Craftsman Bar Table

    Craftsman Bar Table

  • Advanta-Coffee-Table-1-Copy

    Delphi Coffee Table

  • Australian Made and Owned

    Alpha Coffee Table with Shelf

    Starting From $229.00
  • Vienna Electric Height Adjustment Standing Table Round

    Starting From $1,004.00
  • Vienna Standing Table Rectangular

    Starting From $821.00
  • Yang Table

    Yang Height Adjustment Sit-StandTable

    Starting From $624.00
  • acti round table

    Acti Round Meeting Table

    Starting From $457.00
  • diplomat office table

    Diplomat Round Office Table

    Starting From $689.00
  • Stirk Angled Drawing Table

    Starting From $799.00
  • Calais Large Boardroom Table

    Starting From $2,149.00
  • Wickham Boardroom Table

    Starting From $699.00
  • Stirk Trapezoidal Office Table

    Starting From $354.00
  • mobile flip top tables

    Mobile Flip Top Tables

    Starting From $549.00

A professional, effective meeting room is a requirement for most companies so it’s important to have the correct meeting tables.

Interia Systems provides a large range of meeting tables with round tables like the Delta Office Table for smaller meetings and larger tables like the Rapid Boardroom Table.

If you are looking to fit out your meeting rooms with our meeting tables we recommend you combine the products with our meeting room chairs & office cupboards.

To find out more information on our meeting tables call us on +61 8 9359 1288, or start a chat with one of our consultants (in the bottom right hand corner)

Why should you buy meeting tables from us?

✔ FAST DELIVERY – we stock a huge range of meeting tables ready for immediate dispatch.
✔ EASY TO DEAL WITH – product of a genuinely privately owned business commitment that forms the backbone of our operations. A reputation that has earned us repeat business year after year.
✔ FACTORY DIRECT – for over 30 years we have been manufacturing high quality office furniture. Why deal with a 3rd party when you can deal direct with the supplier and save money.
✔ CUSTOM SOLUTIONS – Interia Systems integrates our in-house design, lean manufacturing & importing divisions to bring you a truly custom solution for your office space.