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Office Drafting Stools

  • EC070BM-Office-Drafting-Stool (1)

    EC070BM Office Drafting Stool

    Starting From $246.00
  • Desk Height Stool

    Starting From $104.00
  • Brio Drafting Chair

    Starting From $224.00
  • lab tech chair 300

    Lab Tech Chair 300

    Starting From $354.00
  • LAB-ST-1024x1024

    Lab Stool

  • Counter Height Stool

    Starting From $143.00
  • ys119d-utility-drafting-stool

    Utility Drafting Stool

    Starting From $152.00
  • Q70 Drafting Chair

    Starting From $841.00
  • Advanta_CRUZE-Drafting-chair-with-Arms

    Cruze Drafting Chair

    Starting From $470.00
  • Advanta_EKO-Mesh-Drafting-34

    Eko Mesh Drafting Chair

    Starting From $419.00
  • Sit Stand Stool

    Starting From $299.00
  • Lab Stool 200

  • ys43d-sabina-drafting

    Sabina Drafting Stool

    Starting From $240.00
  • ys21d-lincoln-drafting

    Lincoln Drafting Stool

    Starting From $222.00
  • ys07d-task-drafting

    Typist Drafting Chair

    Starting From $198.00
  • ys07d-task-drafting

    Task Drafting Chair

    Starting From $180.00
  • no_shadows-20_2

    Team Air Drafter Chair

    Starting From $425.00
  • Advanta-Unica-Swivel-Stool-9-225x300 (1)

    Unica Swivel Stool PP

    Starting From $409.00
  • LAB-CH-1024x1024

    Lab Chair

  • Breathe Drafting Chair

    Starting From $587.00
  • Untitled design (4)

    Rialto Drafting Chair

    Starting From $412.00
  • Linear Drafting Chair

    Starting From $502.00
  • Advanta_Volt-drafting-chair

    Volt Drafting Chair

    Starting From $390.00
  • Advanta_AVEYA-Drafting-BLACK_with-arms2

    Aveya Black Drafting Chair

    Starting From $612.00
  • Advanta_BREATHE-Drafting-WHITE_with-fixed-arms-3 (1)

    Aveya White Drafting Chair

    Starting From $698.00
  • Advanta-Graphite_Black-base_shadow2-no-arms_DRAFTING (1)

    Graphite Adjustable Drafting Chair

    Starting From $461.00
  • Advanta-Nova-With-Footring-Upholstered-Seat

    Nova Stool

    Starting From $241.00
  • Lab Stool 100

    Starting From $299.00

Office Drafting Stools are specifically designed for drafting tables and other work surfaces which are higher than standard desk height.

Interia Systems provides a large range of office drafting stools with AFRDI certified Nova Drafting Stool a popular option and for those that don’t require a back the Flexa Drafting Stool No Back.

If you are looking to fit out your office space with our office drafting stools we recommend you combine the products with our standing desks & office trolleys.

To find out more information on our office drafting stools, call us on +61 893 591 288, or start a chat with one of our consultants (in the bottom right hand corner)

Why should you buy office drafting stools from us?

✔ FAST DELIVERY – we stock a huge range of office drafting stools ready for immediate dispatch.
✔ EASY TO DEAL WITH – product of a genuinely privately owned business commitment that forms the backbone of our operations. A reputation that has earned us repeat business year after year.
✔ FACTORY DIRECT – for over 30 years we have been manufacturing high quality office furniture. Why deal with a 3rd party when you can deal direct with the supplier and save money.
✔ CUSTOM SOLUTIONS – Interia Systems integrates our in-house design, lean manufacturing & importing divisions to bring you a truly custom solution for your office space.