Infinity 2 Person Workstation

Starting From $720.00

Black screen with a white border on white background with Clipping Path
Black NU

The Prestio 2 Person Workstation is excellent for use in call centres or other high volume areas where privacy and noise reduction is critical. With worktops mounted of the sturdy screen system it allows maxium use of the desk space rather than having desk legs impeding the user which also assists in providing an economical solution. The base ducted screen system that comes with option soft wiring kits is a safe & tidy way of managing your electrical cables

  • In stock for immediate dispatch
  • 1200mm or 1500mm screen height
  • 720mm desk height
  • 25mm melamine work-tops.
  • Base ducted screen system
  • Cable-duct fitted to rear of worktop.
  • Custom sizes & colours available (P.O.A.).
  • The Power/Data kit provides a 4GPO & 3Data outlets to each workstation. Initial connection of the starter block to your power circuit and all data cabling is not included and must be provided by a licenced electrician.
  • 5 year warranty

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