Office Storage Melbourne

Is your office small and there’s not enough free space? Thinking about switching to a more minimalist design? Interia Systems has various storage solutions for your office. Investing in storage can help make increase efficiency within your business.

You can buy all your storage items from us, 24/7. We stock a huge range of products that are ready for immediate dispatch. If there’s something you can’t find, we can custom design it for you. All manufacturing happens on-site, so we can truly customise your storage product. We are leading office furniture Supplier in Melbourne.

  • Best Prices Guaranteed
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  • Warranty on all products

Take a look at our office furniture buyers guide and catalogue. You can also talk to one of our office storage designers if you have specific needs – call us.

Businesses in Melbourne, Victoria and all over Australia have used us for the past 30 years. We’re privately owned, easy to work with, and we know how to improve productivity in your office.

Solve your clutter problems and say goodbye to that constant feeling of a having a messy office… all those loose papers, client files, pens, post-its, and books. Find a place for them, neatly, in your new storage.

We’re industry accredited and GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) love our products.

Order your office storage from us in Melbourne today.

We have different office products to suit all types of businesses. Whether you need a customised solution or love one of our ready-to-ship products, we can help. We’ve worked with dozens of brands to bring their offices to life, through storage and furniture.

Transforming your office can boost team morale, collaboration, and satisfaction. We can help you achieve this.

Some of the storage items you can add into your office include  filing cabinetsoffice shelves and bookcases, office desk drawersoffice cupboardsmobile pedestals, and office lockers.

Cabinets are effective for creating order to your filing system – making it easy to find papers within a second or two. If you need to move your supplies from one place to another, mobile pedestals are useful.

We can send your chosen storage solutions straight to you. You don’t have to worry about going anywhere. Order online with us, 24/7. No matter how small your office is, storage can help make it look, and feel, bigger. Simply introducing filing cabinets can make the world of difference.

Please see below our available categories of office storage in Melbourne:


Our Alpha Mobile Caddy is a combination of a mobile drawer pedestal and open file storage. It gives you a place to store your items, plus doubles as a mobile return for extra workspace – if set at right angles.

For storage that’s easy for your employees to access, the Alpha Pigeon Holet Unit is a great product. Instead of keeping boxes of brochures on the floor, organise them into the one of 39 compartments. We can customise the size of your unit, based on your office.