Furniture is one of the key elements of your office, each and every item of furniture you purchase is important to ensure productivity as well as overall comfort. Ergonomic office furniture has the ability to take your productivity to a whole new level and that is why most of the office spaces are providing a complete makeover to boring and old furniture by upgrading to furniture items with contemporary styles and designs.

Buying Office furniture for your office/business is not as easy as it might seem. There are plenty of things you’ll have to consider such as price, style, design, comfort, durability before making any purchases. And there is also the added nuisance of having to transport the purchased goods. However, that’s where Interia Systems comes in. The entirety of your furniture shopping process is very simple and straightforward with Interia Systems.

Interia Systems provide a wide variety of Office furniture in Melbourne. We are extensively dedicated to modern office furniture design. We supply commercial office furniture to everyone at the best prices available.

You can choose furniture for your office from a wide variety of product categories that include Office Chairs, Office Desks, Modular Workstations, Reception desks, Visitor Chairs, office workstations, office cupboards amongst many others. Interia Systems gives you the option to choose from our wide variety of furniture that is suited to your needs. With Interia Systems you will be able to make online purchases of office furniture in Melbourne with material options (Metal or wooden), variety of colour range and options on shapes and sizes so you can buy modern office furniture items that suit the spatial requirements of your office.

Why should you buy office furniture from Interia Systems?

Affordable office furniture for your office space

Interia Systems delivers affordable office furniture in Melbourne at the best prices available. We have our own factory for fabricating our products and our contact office in Melbourne is located at 805/220 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000.

You can order bulk office furniture in Melbourne with us

Through our wide range of office furniture products including office chairs, modern executive office desk, home office desks, workstation partitions and so on with our online portal, you can choose the commercial office furniture items that are ideal for your workstation/office space in Melbourne and bulk order with just a click.

High-quality modern office furniture in Melbourne

We are Australia’s leading online furniture retailer and office desk suppliers for custom solutions around high-quality modern office furniture. We supply high-quality furniture with an expansive range of different office furniture items to choose from. Our fast delivery adds on to our quality service.

Our extensive feature :

✔ FAST DELIVERY– we stock a huge range of office furniture ready for immediate dispatch.

✔ EASY TO DEAL WITH – a product of a genuinely privately owned business commitment that forms the backbone of our operations. A reputation that has earned us repeat business year after year.

✔ FACTORY DIRECT – for over 30 years, we have been manufacturing high-quality office furniture. Why deal with a 3rd party when you can deal direct with the supplier and save money.

✔ CUSTOM SOLUTIONS – Interia Systems integrates in-house design, lean manufacturing & importing divisions to bring you a truly custom solution for your office space.

Do you need Perfect Office furniture for your Office?

Business owner/ managers should always make office environment workable. Comfortable office furniture is crucial for employees and is a prerequisite for any office space. Old worn-out furniture makes employees lazy and creates an uninspiring environment. Let’s face it, bad furniture cuts down employee productivity and drastically reduces their overall potential. However, high-quality ergonomic furniture leads to employees that are happier, comfortable and healthier. With job satisfaction and happiness comes a greater sense of purpose, less stress, and greater efficiency in the workplace.

The benefits of good furniture don’t just end there. Think in terms of the employee’s perspective, if you replace the old washed out furniture with high-quality new ones, imagine the morale boost that your employees will feel. Such a boost in morale can lead to positive vibes spreading throughout your organization and you will probably feel an up-climbing buzz in your business.

Considering everything that has been mentioned so far, investing in commercial office furniture for your office space in Melbourne is definitely a good idea. A small upgrade in office furniture can make a big difference to your business.


How long have you been in business?

Interia Systems have been supplying office furniture in Melbourne over the last 30 years. In 1984, Interia Systems was founded with a vision to provide innovative furniture that offers the ultimate user experience whilst delivering real value for our customers. We are Australia’s leading online furniture retailer for custom solutions around the best office furniture and fitouts.

What’s your specialty?

With a national front serving every corner of the country, we cater for offices of all sizes, whether they be small startups to the biggest of corporations. Whether you are buying one ergonomic office chair for a home office or you are looking to plan, design, and fit-out a workplace of 500 workstations, we can assist you from concept to design and installation to completion.
Interia Systems supplies office furniture in Melbourne directly from our factory. We deliver furniture to all major cities in Australia while also providing custom office furniture service. Contact us to get truly customized office furniture.

What kinds of furniture you can get from Interia Systems for your office?

Buy office chairs in Melbourne with Interia Systems

Finding the right table of your choice is not easy. If you are searching for office chairs of different shapes and sizes, and a wide variety of perfectly matching colour options in Melbourne, then look no further than Interia systems. We can give you all those options and even provide with the added alternative of customization. Looking for white office chair, executive office chair, home office chair, kids chair or Luxury office chair then give us a call or directly order online from our portal.

Office Desks available online in Melbourne

Interia Systems stocks office desks available for immediate dispatch and delivery. You can buy through our online portal or visit our contact office in Melbourne to place your order. Find home office desk, corner office desk, white office desk, modern office desk, small office desk, black office desk, executive office desk or are you looking for something different? We can completely customize office desks for your specific needs.

Office Workstations in Melbourne

Detailed Office workstation layouts help with the best utilization of available space. Get corporate office workstations from Interia Systems.

Buy Office Tables for your workplace

Take a look at our complete range of round office table, half round office table, bar height office table, circular office table, front office table, office writing table that matches perfectly for the space you have in your office in Melbourne. Call us or visit our office in Melbourne or contact us if you have any queries or suggestions.

Office Reception Desks for sale in Melbourne

Looking for a new reception desk? Interia Systems offers you fully customised reception desks. We have reception desks of varying colours, sizes and price ranges so that you can select the appropriate one for your needs. Contact us to place your order.

Need support in finding the best furniture for your office? Contact us at [email protected], and we will be happy to help you out.

Prestio 2 Person Workstation Cluster
Prestio 2 Person Workstation Cluster
Starting From $1,599.00
Prestio 6 Person Workstation Cluster
Prestio 6 Person Workstation Cluster
Starting From $3,799.00
Desk Height Stool
Desk Height Stool
Starting From $100.00
Modulus Dual Boardroom Table
Modulus Dual Boardroom Table
Starting From $2,349.00
Leo Cafe Chair
Leo Cafe Chair
Starting From $102.00