Think about the number of hours your staff sit down every week. Cheap chairs can lead to posture issues and interrupt productivity. At Interia Systems, we aim to combat this by designing ergonomic chairs.

Whether you’ve just hired new employees, noticed your team stretching or experiencing back pain or want to improve productivity, see our office chair range. We sell chairs for every area of the office – including workstations, conference rooms, lunch areas and receptions.

For 30 years, we’ve been designing high-quality office chairs and furniture. You don’t have to choose between form and function with us. While ergonomic principles are the backbone of our designs, every piece is stylish and suit modern offices. Go straight to the supplier, us, and tell our team what you need. There’s no third parties or long waits. We’re the designer, manufacturer and supplier. Our in-house artists will create a custom chair solution for your office space. Let us know if there’s any special features that you need.

Industry accredited and recognised by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia), our chairs are made to the highest standards. You’ll look after your employees and save money in the long-term, because your custom-made chairs will last longer.

Look at office furniture buyers guide and cataloguefor your chair options and accessories. If you’d like to talk through your specific needs, call our team of chair experts.

Order your office chairs from us in Sydney today.

We’re the trusted ergonomic chair supplier for many businesses in Sydney. Our custom solutions and factory-direct prices have instilled our brand as an industry leader for the past three decades.

See the diverse range of comfortable and stylish chairs we’ve made. Visualise the type of seating solutions we can design for you, too.

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