How to Choose the Right Conference Table Shape to Improve Your Business

Depending on how big your office is, you probably have a conference table – the centre piece to your meeting room. It’s a specific piece of  prime office furniture that caters for a range of people. There’s nothing worse than trying to communicate a new idea or listen to a speaker sitting at a small table or even worse – resting a notepad on your legs, your makeshift desk.

It pays to invest in quality office furniture in your conference or meeting room. That is, furniture that’s custom made for unique tasks that take place in there. When you need to make important decisions, there’s great value in sitting face to face around a table.

A lot has been said about the psychological aspects of conference table layouts. By matching the best structure to your needs, you can positively influence the outcome of client meetings. It gives off a professional ‘they know what they’re doing’ image.

The shape of your conference table is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. For example, if you’re sitting at a round table, everyone is equal. No one is in charge. There’s no hierarchy of seat placement which promotes open, honest discussion. Round tables are great for collaborations, open discussions and brainstorming.

How to Choose the Right Conference Table Shape to Improve Your Business 3

Pitching something to a group? Long, narrow conference tables are best. If it’s a small group, you can stand at the end of the table, with a screen behind you. If you don’t have access to this technology, encourage your guests to bring in their laptops or iPads to view the visual content individually. The table should have enough space for notetaking, too.

How to Choose the Right Conference Table Shape to Improve Your Business 4

For those really important decisions, a small, more intimate setting works best. Consider a two or three person table. Why? Long, rectangular tables give off that hierarchy energy, therefore, reinforcing power. The person at the other end automatically becomes the ‘other.’

How to Choose the Right Conference Table Shape to Improve Your Busines

Smaller tables are perfect when you’re determining things like scheduling issues, discussing budget requests, and contract approvals.

Like every part of your office, before making any purchase decisions, think about the people who will be using the conference table. It’s going to serve various purposes – team meetings, brainstorming sessions, meeting with new clients, and casual get hang outs. One size does not fit all. Don’t pay any less attention to your conference table than, say, your desks. You don’t want your clients to be agitated and uncomfortable when deciding whether to work with you or not.

Showcase the quality of your company. Spend a bit of time (and extra money) in getting your conference table right. It’ll be worth it.

Get the setting right. Invest in a premium conference table.

If you have a conference table, think about how (or if) it’s working for you. Is it serving its purpose? If not, browse our wide range of tables that are specifically designed for conference and meeting rooms.

We custom make, too. You’ll find what you need, with us.