School furniture plays a major role in the effectiveness of student learning. Comfort, posture and support all affect our ability to concentrate and work. The same goes for students.

For schools, this opens an opportunity to improve student engagement by focusing on student furniture. High furniture, sit-stand furniture, and tilt tables have been recognised as positive learning equipment.

Increasing performance with the right furniture.

Classroom furniture is the key to high performing students. If you’ve considered updating your design or you’re looking to improve student engagement, updating your furniture is a great investment.

It’s proven to increase student collaboration, focus, involvement, engagement, feedback, and stimulation. The right chairs and tables also helps to engage the best ways of learning, increases student comfort, and creates an enriching experience.

Here are a few things to consider in the re-design process.

  • Comfort: With two dozen body types and ages in one room, choosing just one type of chair or table can be a challenge. With adjustable furniture, this gives students the flexibility to change to their needs. Comfortability is an important factor.
  • Flexibility: Classrooms are becoming more dynamic and engaging. The furniture should match the adapting learning styles. Tables and chairs that’s flexible enough to adjust to changing group sizes, styles, and collaboration.
  • Support & Function: Every learning environment, whether it’s a school, university or office, requires an ergonomic touch. This means making sure the environment supports learning, by keeping students focused and comfortable. For example, designing chairs offering flexibility to support the body’s natural movement and varying postures. When choosing new school furniture, keep ergonomic principles in mind. Consider the curriculum and make sure the seating reflects its requirements. If it’s an active learning environment, you’ll need portable chairs that can quickly and easily be moved and arranged.

Students sit in all types of positions. Upright, tilted, head down, slouched… the list goes on. If there was a medal for the number of creative ways to sit in a chair, students would win it, hands down.

It’s our responsibility to encourage their learning by giving thought to school furniture and investing in customised solutions. Every student learns differently. With a collective of personalities, ages and learning traits, it’s important to consider a range of school furniture equipment. Tailor your classrooms to suit your needs.

Furniture is essential for any learning environment. Help your students learn better by investing in high-quality, flexible furniture. It’s an investment and optimises the delivery of your school curriculum. We manufacture school furniture, from single desks to complete classroom fitouts.

Learning can be fun… with the right furniture.


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