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Using Office Design to Reflect Office Value

What makes a great office space? If you own or manage a commercial office building, you’ll understand the need to clearly reflect the office value when advertising for new tenants. Naturally, it’s a dollars and cents game, and you want to earn as much income as possible for leasing your office. It’s difficult to do […]

9 Tips On Planning Your Office Fitout

Office fitouts in simple terms is the process of making any professional space more ideal and suitable as per the occupant requirements and preference. It is basically transforming a designated space to ensure its utmost usability. This process has several variations and helps you and your office reach its optimal best in regards to its […]

Designing Your Office To Address All Personalities

An office design is only functional when it caters to all team members equally. A finding from Harvard Business Review states that the most successful teams have the most diverse mix of personality traits. Different personalities prefer working differently and thrive in different environments. Thus, the design of an office impacts differently on each team […]

Biophilic Office Design And How To Achieve It

In 2014, while researching the benefits of nature, Gregory Bratman, a graduate student at the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources at Stanford University discovered that even a brief glimpse of nature contributes to making people more attentive and pleased. Similarly, based on his research from the early 1980s, R.S. Ulrich argues viewing nature […]

Office Fit-out for Small Budgets but Big Impacts

Office Fit-outs can make a world of difference to your office space as well as your company as a whole. The right fit-out can maximise productivity, lead to higher employee satisfaction, develop a brand image, and utilise resources more efficiently. A fit-out can even be specified to be aligned with your objectives, vision, and values […]

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