How you can build a collaborative workspace

Once upon a time, office spaces used to be divided into clearly defined, separate offices. Then came the rise of open plan working where partitions, rather than doors, were adopted as a way of creating a team environment. Although open plan is still the most popular option, it needs to be done right so a collaborative workspace can be created while respecting the different working styles of employees

Open plan to encourage collaboration

The very nature of collaboration means that you need to interact with others to make it happen. An open plan working environment means that employees interact with others whilst moving about the office and also allows for them to more easily approach other colleagues. Low partitions also mean that employees can pick up on the activity of other workers and helps keep noise levels in checks due to the visibility of non-verbal cues.

Diverse common areas

Gone are the days where open plan meant dozens of cubicles and not much else. Common areas such as lunch rooms and meeting rooms are essential to both encourage interactions between employees and also to allow workers to have an inviting space away from their desks. Additional areas such as small, private rooms for phone calls or rooms for group conversations can also add to the collaborative nature of a workplace.

Set clear rules

Once you’re working in your new office space, it’s important to have clear rules about how the different areas should work. This avoids areas being misused and means that employees know what’s expected of them. For example, you don’t want the private rooms for phone calls to be used for meetings when there is already an area put aside for that use. Setting clear guidelines also means that workers don’t need to worry about quiet areas where they can escape the activity of the office becoming social hubs. If your office is well designed, employees should have no problem catching on to the best way to create a collaborative workplace.

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