Laboratory Fitouts


Since experiments, researches, and innovations of different scientific fields are carried out and validated, having the right fit-out in any laboratory is essential for an effective outcome. Considering a few important things while carrying out laboratory fit-out can help get better results.

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Furnishing the Lab

Setting up the laboratory with proper and correct furniture can make a measurable difference in terms of the area’s workflow, safety, and operator’s efficiency and comfort. Installation of the right furniture can transform an ordinary space into a highly functional laboratory. Laboratory furniture such as lab benches, chairs, stools, tables, work surfaces, and storage cabinets all help improve operational efficiency if installed right.

All members of staff must know that the laboratory they work for is designed to ensure their safety, and the furniture with different engineering solutions help enhance their productivity. Every furniture that we offer can be customised to fit a wide range of style, configuration, and size to fit any space.

Laboratory Furniture Fitouts

An effective laboratory furniture fit-out should meet the minimum industrial standard as well as offer outstanding service to produce a safe, functional and flexible workspace. All our laboratory furniture products are manufactured to the highest standard and designed to meet your needs to enhance your laboratory.

Professional Project Management

Whether your requirement is fitting-out certain areas of an existing laboratory or furnishing a whole laboratory interior, we can offer you a complete solution from designing to supplying and installing the right fit-out as per your requirement. Based on the specific needs of your organisation, we consult and design an innovative laboratory space that is compliant, practical and cost-effective.

Building a perfect laboratory fit-out requires detailed planning to ensure it remains practical, cost-effective, and meets all the necessary requirements of your industry.

We manage the whole process as well as supply specialist furniture and equipment including:
– Lab Furniture & Seating
– Modular & Bespoke Laboratory Benching
– Heating, Air Conditioning & Ventilation
– Service Ducting & Pipework
– Electrical Work
– Fume Cabinets
– Lab Accessories


Cutting-Edge Science Needs The Right Space To Succeed

Interia Systems is WA’s leader in designing, manufacturing and installing laboratory furniture, ergonomic workstations, workbench systems, and storage. We offer comprehensive service from designing your lab to carrying out the fit-out and supplying and installing laboratory equipment and furniture.

We offer our clients full project delivery from early-stage planning and feasibility studies to fit out design, construction, project management and maintenance, and cost control. Our designers create inspiring, sustainable, and productive office fitout service in Perth that are flexible enough to evolve with changing needs.

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