Government Office Fitouts

Government Office Fitouts

In contrast to the private sector, the major priority of Government offices is to provide the best service and assistance to the citizens they serve and less about revenue and profit. Delivering superior customer experience should be one of the most important factors for Government agencies to uphold in fulfilling key aspects of their mission. A quality interior fit-out upgraded to modern standards can help build a system that provides better customer experience and improved Government-public interaction.

Government offices are rapidly adapting with changes brought by technology, cultural shifts, and organisational changes to their workspace. When designing new or making changes to the existing space, carefully considering these design principles can help maximise the use of space while meeting the fit-out standards of today.


Fitout Principles

Flexibility: A flexible workstation fit-out is about providing an environment that enables people to work in a way that suits them as well as the task they are undertaking. It should empower different teams by creating a working culture that embraces flexibility and mobility in the way people prefer. Future offices need to include more flexible elements that enhance the way we work, connect, move and interact.

Sustainability: Office fit-outs incorporating sustainable principles minimise environmental impact and provide a healthier workspace. A workspace that integrates sustainability considerations in its planning, designing, and operation can result in reduced operational costs, efficient use of resources, and a healthier environment for employees.

Security and Access Control: The level of security and access control will depend on various factors. These may include location, times of operation, nature of the service, level of public interference and sensitivity of data held by the organisation departments.

Compliance: The fit-out design should meet legislative obligations such as workplace health and safety, accessibility etc. We develop office accommodation plans that are suitable for activity-based working and flexible working arrangements.

Connectivity: Office fit-out includes built zone components, furniture and fittings, combined with mobile solutions that support maximum flexibility at a minimum cost. Informal areas such as open-plan settings may be included to enable social interaction, networking opportunities, and knowledge sharing that will further complement the fit-out connectivity.


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Interia Systems follows government workspace strategies to create flexibility and encourage collaboration. We develop office space strategies to minimise office space footprint of the Government, providing office space solutions that support collaboration, flexibility, skill development, and service delivery. We can produce a solution that will ensure efficiency across the workplace regardless of the size and layout.

Having delivered numerous fit-out projects for a while, Interia Systems has been one of the most trusted office fit-out companies in the Public sectors of WA. We also happen to be one of the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA)’s preferred suppliers.

Interia Systems is also a part of the WA government CUA (Common Use Arrangement) for office furniture.

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