New office design trends are all about bringing more colour, adaptability and fun into the workspace. But some of these design trends, whilst they may seem like an innovative idea to begin with, could end up being a disastrous decision that you’ll regret ever having spent good money on. Let’s take a look at some […]

Concepts around contemporary office design have changed markedly overly the last few decades. While the earliest version of the open plan office started in the 1950’s, the idea has evolved far beyond having workers seated in rows under the watchful eye of a supervisor. Contemporary office design trends around office optimisation continue to evolve, incorporating […]

Although there’s something very satisfying about a neat office, a well-equipped office generally tends towards the bland. After all, it must be functional, uncluttered, and professional-looking. So, is there any room for creativity? There certainly is!

There’s no denying that office spaces have changed over the centuries. It’s not just the technologies we use to get the tasks done but the way we work together – and the way in which bosses work with employees – that’s at the heart of the change.

Unless your office desk is broken (or looking like it), you’re probably not thinking about replacing it. But it doesn’t just need to be falling apart or looking old for you to buy a new one. There’s plenty of other motivations, like if you’re shifting focus from a traditional space to open plan.

With technology blurring borders and making it easier to work with clients no matter where they are, co-working spaces have risen in popularity. It’s not just for freelancers and contractors, but also SMEs. Companies are hiring out rooms or ‘pods’ in collaborative working spaces to network with other brands, boost creativity, and often, to save […]

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