Office Fit-out for Small Budgets but Big Impacts

Office Fit-outs can make a world of difference to your office space as well as your company as a whole. The right fit-out can maximise productivity, lead to higher employee satisfaction, develop a brand image, and utilise resources more efficiently. A fit-out can even be specified to be aligned with your objectives, vision, and values of your company. Therefore, giving you the chance to build a seamless experience for your customers, team, and organisation. There are multiple benefits to getting a new office fit-out. However, they’re not the only things to consider when deciding to revamp your office.

Different customer behaviour research shows that the main determining factor when it comes to making a purchasing decision is the cost. When you think about revamping your office, it’s essential to consider two of the most crucial things before deciding. The first is to fully understand your requirements. To understand better what this may entail, here is an office fitout checklist to answer any questions you may have. The second is to have a clear budget.

Average Cost of a New Office Fit-out

Office fit-outs are dynamic projects that require a great deal of knowledge and planning. You need a keen eye to successfully implement proper space planning, installing meeting rooms, partitioning, IT equipment, and lighting. A long list of things usually means high costs, but you’re probably wondering, “What does something like this cost?”

Asking how much does this cost is like asking, “How much does dinner cost?” – Well, it depends! Do you want to cook at home? Do you enjoy fast food? Or do you want dinner from a five-star restaurant?

Knowing what you’re looking for in an office fit-out is essential when it comes to the all-important ‘cost question’!

Let’s take a look at a few examples below.

  • Basic Office Fit-out: This option will provide a conventional office design. It consists of new flooring, basic office desks and seating, and decorations. Such a project will cost around $785 AUD per square meter. 
  • Mid Range Office Fit-out: This option will provide a higher quality of materials and be used in larger office space. You will be charged around $980 AUD per square meter for a mid-range office fit-out. 
  • High Spec Office Fit-out: This option will provide a top-notch workplace. It involves interior design experts and workspace planners to meet all your demands and outfit with everything you want. Price can be anything from $1235 AUD per square meter and up.

It makes it easier to determine if an office fit-out is something you want with reference points in mind. It allows you to adjust your budget to meet your demands.  

Return on Investment of an Office Fit-out

Your budget will ultimately decide if you require a new office fit-out. You may be feeling overwhelmed and discouraged if your budget is smaller than the ‘basic office fit-out’ cost. Don’t worry, though, office fit-outs also help in recuperating costs.  

So what if you are a cash strapped company? And don’t have the luxury to take on projects that don’t provide you with a good return on investment (ROI)? These are questions we get asked a lot at Interia Systems! By focusing on the ROI of your office revamp, we ensure long-term savings for your company.

The ROI of the project helps reduce the overall cost of the project in the long term. Cost reduction is possible with savings, increased productivity, or contributing to wellbeing and staff retention. Let’s examine a few ways an office fit-out can reduce organisational costs and save money.

Reducing organisation costs

  • Energy Consumption Reduced – Energy is expensive! Focusing on cutting down electricity costs can save you money each month. One way this can be done is by swapping the standard 4-tube fluorescent light bulbs to LED alternatives. Sepco stated that the LED bulbs are 85% more efficient, have a longer lifespan, and fewer bulbs are needed. With smart designs, natural lighting, and automatic lights, you can significantly cut down your electricity bill each month.
  • Wellbeing and Staff Retention – Utilising natural light also improves the wellbeing and productivity of your team. A recent article by Harvard Business Review found that access to natural light increased 78% of people’s wellbeing. Furthermore, the productivity of seven out of 10 people at the office increased as well! In addition to utilising natural lighting, you can add comfortable furniture to use and relax on. Office layouts that promote collaboration and places that provide ample room for movement will improve wellbeing. 

A report by WHO shows how vital wellbeing is at work. Regarding reducing sick days and increasing retention rates, wellbeing and mental health were the most important. An article by CEO Today quantifies how sick days can affect your business. Whereas, in 2016, on average, a company with 49 individuals saw a sickness absence rate of 2.2%. Which resulted in the company losing in total 49,000 AUD (hourly rate of 26 AUD)!

Revamping your office to improve workflow and wellbeing of team members can be expensive and time-consuming. However, the benefits of doing so can affect your bottom dollar. With a small increase in wellbeing and a decrease in sick days, your company can save thousands of dollars each year!

ROI is an important factor when it comes to making a decision to get a new office fit-out. But the issue of having a small budget may still be affecting your decision. In the next section, we will talk about how to get your project done with a small budget!

Small Budget? No Problem!

You may be thinking, “Okay, I can recuperate my investment costs, but I’m strapped for cash now. How do I do this on a budget?” We plan on giving you the insights to do just that! We want to make it a little easier to get the results you want for the budget you’ve set.

There are multiple ways you can cut costs while still getting the right fit-out. Focus on the following to meet your company’s goals and vision, all while staying under your budget.

Here are a few things you can do to keep the costs down:

  • Plan Ahead – This may be the single most important thing to do when considering an office fit-out! No matter the size of your office or the fit-out you intend, it’s important to know what’s available. If you feel uncomfortable with the process, the best thing to do is gather more information. Our blog is an excellent place to start, as we provide over 100 articles that will answer all your questions! By properly informing yourself of the project and having a concrete idea about what you want, you will be able to stay focused on what you want and say no to extras, ultimately saving you money!
  • Choose the Right Building – This applies to changing locations or looking to open a new office! They say ‘location, location, location’ is all that matters, which couldn’t be more true for your new building. If possible, pick locations that have partial fit-outs already installed as well as locations that have optimal layouts and areas already installed like kitchens and additional restrooms.
  • Reuse and Repurpose – When moving offices or revamping your existing one, there are opportunities to reuse and repurpose items. For example, you can use items that still meet the quality and functionality required to be effective. Or, maybe employees love certain items in the lounge, well there is no reason to get rid of those either! Remember, having a seamless office that promotes productivity and a stellar brand is important, but so are your employees. Make sure to keep them happy during the whole process as well.
  • Open Plan Office – An open plan can save you lots of money when it comes to constructing your new office. By not needing to worry about erecting walls for closed-off areas, you can save money and promote collaboration. If you do need some sort of privacy at the office, privacy screens and partitions can be utilised instead. These tools can provide you with an affordable and flexible option to get privacy anywhere in the office. Also Read: Pros and Cons of open plan office design.
  • Get Help From a Professional – Involving a professional is one of the best ways to save money and time. With experienced project managers, they can help you realise your dream office – all while reusing and repurposing things and saving you money. Professionals also can leverage their pre-existing relationships with subcontractors to save you the hassle of dealing with different companies. Interia Systems has a well-established network with a wide knowledge base. We can help you with all of your needs, or recommend a professional in your area!

You Have the Power, Ready to Decide? 

Deciding to get a new office fit-out may be challenging for multiple reasons. One thing that you don’t need to worry about is having a small budget. By planning ahead, having a precise idea, and consulting a professional, your new office fit-out can meet your budget requirements.

With opportunities to get a great ROI on a new office fit-out, you can be sure to recuperate costs. Additionally, being able to raise the wellbeing of your employees is crucial. With improved wellbeing, you can increase employee productivity while also reducing the number of sick days. A new office fit-out might be just what you need to become more functional, productive, and promote your brand image. 

Invest a little or a lot; your new office fit-out will make a big difference for your company. Talk to our team today and find out how to save, recuperate, and realise gains in your new office. Small budget, but need a significant impact? We got you covered!

Optimised Use Of Technology For Office Designs of Tomorrow

Technology has allowed us to be more mobile than ever before. The devices we use today, such as mobile phones and laptops, provide us with the flexibility to use them at ease regardless of the location we are in. But if we take a closer look at how we work daily, it seems like we’re still tied to a single position at a desk inside our workspaces.  

For the last thirty years, Interia Systems has been providing the clients with innovative solutions for office fit-outs. We have been noticing that in an average office, technology changes every two years, organisational strategies every four, workforce every eight, and office redesign every ten years. Unlike in the past, office spaces of today shouldn’t only be focusing on productivity. Building office space in a future-proof way requires putting its people at the centre of the planning, and optimisation of technology in the fit-outs.

Health And Productivity

Different studies carried out over the years have been able to provide us with the right understanding of the impact our regular working habits make on our health. And modern technology has made it easier to incorporate these findings on our tools and office spaces so that the way we work supports a healthy life. 

It has been long since companies have discovered that the health of the employees is directly related to their productivity. And it’s a well-known fact that those who sit in the chair in higher amounts comparatively suffer a higher amount of discomfort and health problems. Frequent posture change is excellent for muscular-skeletal health, metabolic health, and also brain health. Healthy employees tend to be less confused and less distracted from their regular responsibilities. They are also more likely to take fewer days-off and take less sick leave. So what makes a healthy and productive employee? The answer includes a combination of numerous factors in his/her workstation. 

The Technology Behind Ergonomic Workstations

The most common misconception about ergonomics is that people mostly relate it to office equipment  such as chairs and desks. Ergonomics is more than that; it not only incorporates the basic design for good posture health but also includes arranging workspace elements to fit the users.  

Though there have been high-end ergonomic seatings available, average regular desk workers sit in a chair for more than they should regularly. People move from the chair in the home to the chair in the car to the chair in the office to the chair back home. Sitting less and standing more is better for health as even standing up for a little more that we do every day can make a massive difference to our health. Encouraging movement and frequent posture change through different tools and accessories will help people stay productive and healthy. 

Whenever we talk about a perfect workstation, we focus more on the aesthetics than the functionality itself. A well functioning workstation should not only provide users with comfort but also help boost their productivity.

From task seating to the desk to screen placement while working, technology has provided us with tools that help create a perfect ergonomic working environment. So there are basically a few areas that you should give special attention to if you are aiming to create a workstation that works.

  • Ergonomic seating 
  • Sit-stand desk
  • Ergonomic keyboard and mouse 
  • Monitor arms

The above tools have become the essential entities of a modern workstation that not only take care of employee’s health but also help them perform better.   


Have you ever wondered how creative people in big tech companies collaborate to come up with cool new ideas? Just take an example of Google’s garage office where different teams collaborate in a dynamic, free-flowing environment. High performing teams need a flexible – not fancy – working environment to create excellent ideas. 

Flexibility is all about working how you want to work and where you want to work. Modern employees are more motivated in flexible environments than stagnant ones. The good news is, flexibility can be achieved through proper space planning and the equipment we install in our office premises. 

Modern technology has provided us with the right tools that help us create a flexible environment in our workspaces. Freedom in flexibility is not just about providing employees with the right tools but also making the optimum use of available space. With the popularity of modular concepts, a given area can be transformed into a conference room, cafe, or collaborative space within a matter of minutes. 

Technology for flexible workspaces

Digital tools such as workplace apps and improved video conferencing systems that help teams collaborate online are promoting the rise of flexible working. Whereas, the rapid growth in the use of embedded technology is guiding the flexible approach to floor space inside offices. As modern technological tools and platforms are transforming the traditional ways of working, companies are changing their perspective in the way they think about and use their office space. 

A smart desk on wheels accompanied by flexible monitor arms and smart connectivity can allow employees to choose to work from wherever they want and collaborate with whoever they wish to. On the other hand, modular partitions accompanied by smart furniture and connectivity will enable different teams to transform any space according to their requirement.    


It took a global pandemic to make us think differently about safety in our workspaces. The new protocols of security will not just change how we work but forever transform the way office spaces will be designed. Thankfully, modern technology has our back.

Though there have been significant technological achievements in different sectors that can positively contribute to our safety, we haven’t been able to widely incorporate them into our office spaces. Now is the perfect time to optimise the use of such technology in our office designs. 

Technology for safer workplaces  

According to new safety protocols, offices will be regulating strict social distancing rules and discouraging physical interactions between the employees as well as committing to more hygienic workplaces. Regular health monitoring and tracking the wellbeing of staff will also be one of the most important routines of the offices of the future.

Future offices will need to refine the current health and safety protocols further and incorporate new codes in their priority list. Making the perfect use of the right technology will undoubtedly help address health and safety issues in an office environment. Few of the following technological achievements may help achieve our goals. 

  • Health monitoring apps: The wellbeing of employees is one of the major concerns of modern offices today as more businesses are implementing employee-first ethos in their policy. Health monitoring apps will provide management with the right information about the health of the staff so that they can make sure everyone is performing well without worries. 
  • Automation and Touchless technology: Physical interaction between people is not considered safe anymore. Reducing frequent touchpoints to hinder the spread of infection has become a challenging task for offices. Automation and touchless technology have helped a great deal in minimising common touchpoints. Today, elevators can be operated with apps, and automatic doors can manage traffic flow without people needing to handle them manually. Such technology requires a more significant installation in different areas of the office spaces.    
  • Safety apps: safety apps have been developed to monitor safety-related issues and provide crucial information at ease. Such apps can minimise the risk and improve health and safety management of office space. Different apps available today allow users to identify risk, create health and safety checklists, and track and record various actions for future reference. 
  • 3D visualisation and Virtual reality technology: 3D visualisation technology alerts employees about the risks of their workplace environment in a more effective way. Generating lifelike images and using them during the training sessions will be more practical in helping workers know the hazards in advance. It will also alert managers about the use of right safety equipment and materials to prevent and to stay alert of any unfortunate events in future. Virtual reality allows staff to experience high-risk situations in a safe environment. It will enable management to deliver its team with better training, which is much more useful than providing them with a manual.

Fit-out Mistakes Beyond Furniture

Now that our workspaces are changing forever in the post-pandemic era, our future office fit-outs are going to be more expensive than before given that it will require more furniture per member of staff to run an office space as per new safety protocols. You will put safety as the first priority in your office space whether you are refurbishing your existing fit-out or completely fitting-out a brand new range of furniture. But it doesn’t mean you will need to compromise your creativity and opportunity to make your fit-out an excellent long term investment. 

Choosing the right set of furniture and designing the interior accordingly for the right purpose are two of the most important areas you should consider for a successful fit-out. A successful fit-out will ultimately contribute in its own way to your business growth in the long run. Apart from these, however, there are many other factors that, if not handled carefully, can contribute to a bad fit-out experience. 

So what are the other mistakes that we commit time and again beyond furniture and design? Let’s discuss them in this article so that you will understand well about those important areas that need your careful attention and how they have changed with the changing environment. 

Not Planning Properly

While planning for office fit-outs, most of us rely fully on the contractors. We usually know what we want in a broad perspective but fail to fully plan all the details that can play important roles in future while running the office. A good contractor can only give you a good suggestion based on what you want to do with your office space. So if you fail to give your contractor the complete detail of how you want your project to be, don’t expect them to deliver you a satisfactory result. Investing in an office fit-out can cost you a significant amount, so you might want to make sure that your investment returns you the best it can for years to come. 

Proper planning enables you to come up with a different set of questions that you can put in front of your contractors to make sure they are answered satisfactorily and taken care of carefully while carrying out the project. Only agreeing on the suggestions of your fit-out partner/contractor does not guarantee you the best fit-out experience. Since office fit-outs of the future are going to be totally different than what they used to be, make sure you know exactly what you are doing. Make sure you are well informed about new safety protocols as well as your operational requirements.

Involve your staff members during the planning process to understand what type of working environment they prefer. Research what type of environment your customers prefer and what makes them comfortable. Make a list of areas that need improvement or addition, and observe new trends that help boost the efficiency of the office space. Thoroughly planning every corner of your office space for the people your business is involved with will result in a great fit-out experience for all.        

Not Comparing Quotations The Right Way

Partnering with the right fit-out company/contractor is essential if you want the best fit-out experience in your office space. One of the methods to choose the right fit-out partner who gets things done effectively in the most cost-effective way is by comparing quotations. But we often fail to understand that quotations vary according to companies. Some fail to mention extra charges such as transportation costs and GST in their quotation.

The hidden cost component is something that we fear the most. They can make up a significant amount of the budget required, and not having them listed in the quotation can trick you into thinking that it is a much more cost-effective option. You then commit to the contractor and then later discover that you have further costs to take care of that you were previously not aware of. You should make sure that you are comparing the same offer when reviewing quotations from different fit-out contractors. 

Be clear about your budget and research about all the different areas of expenses that incur from the start to the completion of your project. Always make sure you have a checklist of all the possible expenses in your plan before going through any quotation. Let your budget determine the right quotation, not quotation determine your budget if you want to avoid cost blowouts. 

Assuming All Contractors Are The Same

When you ask contractors why you should choose them as your fit-out partner, almost everyone will answer you with their claim about their experience, charges, effective work culture etc. But can they all solve your problems the way you want? The answer is – no, they all can’t. But it’s your mistake if you assume all the contractors are the same and blindly hire the one that offers you the lowest quotation amount. 

Different contractors have expertise in different fields and have experience in different projects. Their business models may also be different as some focus more on profit and some on customer satisfaction. You should choose the right contractor that has the right expertise and tools to carry out your project effectively and commitment to deliver you the best value. 

The right contractor should offer you the best solution for your fit-out project. While arranging a meeting or interview with contractors before considering to work with them, you should consider:

  • If they have completed similar projects before 
  • If they can detail about the results of their past projects with proof
  • If they have the financial capacity to carry out your project
  • If they adopt the technology with time
  • If they fully understand new safety protocols and the methods of implementing them effectively in fit-out projects 

Ignoring The Importance Of Details

As the customers of fit-out experts, we are so easily convinced with the presentation of our selected contractors that we don’t care about every detail of the design and layout. Ignoring the details and failing to put forward your queries gives your contract the upper hand. When you will complain about the things that have come up against your plan upon the completion of the project, you’ll be told that you had reviewed the details and accepted the design the way it was. 

Understanding the detailed design helps you correct the things your way before the fit-out process is started. Fit-out companies use innovative ways to make their clients understand the detailed design of their future fit-out. We, at Interia Systems, use VR technology to make our clients experience the details of their future fit-outs. This way, we have been able to deliver our customers the best fit-out experience. 

Not Reviewing The Progress Of The Project Properly

Communicating flawlessly with the contractor and reviewing the progress in every step makes sure your project is delivered on time with minimum errors. Solely relying on the contractor and not communicating well can lead to unwanted mistakes and delays. While most of the fit-out companies try their best to deliver your project on time with minimum mistakes, your follow-up and cooperation can help you get even better results. 

If you have already planned a robust and detailed project schedule, then you can easily track the project on a daily basis and compare it to your progress schedule. It allows you to track delays and mistakes early on and help save your time and money.   

Integrating Technology in Your Office Space

Technology is transforming the way businesses work by enabling them to streamline their processes, improve productivity, and get results faster than ever. A perfect office environment equipped with the best tools and technology is essential for improved performance. Hence assimilating technology in office space has now become a mandatory demand of time. Let’s discuss the benefits and ways of integrating technology in your office space effectively.

Improved Communication and Collaboration: The way we communicate has transformed in recent years. The variety of virtual communication tools that exist in the market has taken business communication to the next level, improving efficiency and collaboration of employees.  Adjusting such technology and tools in the professional environment has many benefits as the world has become a smaller place today. 

Improved Decision making: In the fast moving everyday work life, some decisions are to be made instantly and some information is to be shared on-the-spot. Customers always  appreciate quick turnaround and rapid feedback. With technology, you can access the right information on time and communicate effectively to make quick decisions as they are needed. You can also respond to customer and client inquiries faster with  technology integrated at your office space. 

Improved Performance: Improved communication, better collaboration, and on demand access to information – all lead to better performance. Integrating technology to the professional environment not only helps get tasks executed on time but also boosts productivity hence making employees more satisfied with their work.


Now that we know about the benefits of technology in your office space, let us take a closer look at how we can integrate them to your office design.

The office design process starts first with identifying your needs and then building a brief that highlights your most essential requirements to create a productive space as possible. There are some design solutions that drive better employee engagement and endurance in the face of an uncertain future.

Integrating technology in the workplace is key to keeping up with the trends. As most millennials are raised using technology, it is important to adapt your workspace with technology. 


Most businesses integrate technology once construction is completed. However, this limits the functionality and efficiency of your space. At Interia Systems, we help you and your team to  integrate technology at your workspace by facilitating discussions between fit-out and IT in the early stages of your project. We provide detailed plans and collaborate with IT throughout your project to create efficient modern workspaces.

The Benefits of a Good Commercial Office Fitout

Numerous studies have proven the impact of office space on employees’ well-being, creativity, and performance. Employees who are satisfied with the physical space produce better work outcomes. Several factors of environment, such as workplace design, indoor temperature, colour, and interior plants, add to employees’ well-being. Issues of privacy, acoustic control, individual office rooms, and healthy and responsive environments are equally important.

Organisations should invest in creating spaces and atmospheres that employees look forward to spending time in. Even a small shift in office space can have a dramatic impact on work performance. You can create a well-rounded office when you create a design aligned with your goals, vision, and values. Here are some benefits of having an office space optimised to its fullest potential.

1. Boost in Employees’ Performance

An office capable of fulfilling the requirements of your team helps improve company performance. Office fitout not only brings a major boost in the work output but results in a lower rate of employee turnover. You will create a team of happy staff who are more than willing to engage with your branding. Your business can boost efficiency and speed up work time by using ergonomic furnishings and storage solutions.

2. Strengthen Your Brand Image

With office-fitout, you are not only providing for your employees but also expanding marketing opportunities. The first impression is the ultimate expression of your brand image. A professional office fitout helps you create a good impression when clients first enter your space. You can use office aesthetics or design elements to portray a brand image or uplift the internal culture of your office. Redoing an office fitout is a great opportunity to consider the experience you are providing to your customers and improving it.

3. Efficient Use of Office Space

Many offices have spaces that go undervalued because of poor planning during construction. With a new workplace fitouts, you can fully utilise the available space. With a few shifts in office fit-out like moving a few key items/walls/ furniture can lead a huge return on a small investment. 

Changing your office space can be tough to manage since no business wants to disrupt their workflow while an office fit-out is being done. At Interia Systems, we find ways to improve your office space that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Whether you are looking into a new office fit-out as part of an expansion or a renovation, doing it with the help of an expert team will save you time and energy. 

4. Fulfil Office Requirements

Office furniture is a staple piece to have in any office fit-out project. Look at several aspects such as budget, workplace culture, and business values before starting your fit-out project. The planned layout allows space for maximum use and economy. The good physical arrangements help the team perform their tasks more quickly, easily, and efficiently. 

5. Up-to-date technology and Reliable Communication

There’s no better time to upgrade to the latest technologies than when you refit your office. Making small improvements to technology, such as investing in faster connectivity (eg. wifi), can improve major efficiency as a result. You can also address communication issues and ensure the communication between groups onsite or offsite is clear and reliable. Professional office fit-out will update your space for many years to come. 

Appoint an Office Fitout Partner 

Are you considering an office fitout project? Having a professional fit-out team in Perth onboard makes your whole office fit-out smoother and cost-efficient. To learn more on how we can help you, contact Interia Systems at 1800 951 424 or email [email protected]

5 Easy Tips to Stay Fit at the Office

It is difficult for working professionals who spend hours in the office chairs to stick to a healthy routine. It can be hard to stay fit and healthy while working. Sometimes you are so focused on the tasks you neglect your physical wellness. 

But just because you spend most of your day in the office does not mean you cannot stay healthy. You can always do little things to take care of yourself. Listed below are 5 easy tips to stay fit and healthy no matter your work schedule.

1. Watch your posture

It is interesting to know how often we slouch even if we tell ourselves to sit straight. Here’s a little trick to help with that. Set up reminders every 1 hour to ask yourself if you are slouching and correct your posture. Keep at it as if you are building a new habit and you will never slouch again. Good posture, in the long run, will help prevent neck and spine pain.

2. Drink lots of water

Carry a reusable water container with you at all times. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and focused for prolonged periods. It’s even better to switch cups of coffee for glasses of water to stay healthy. Drinking water will keep you full and fight off unhealthy snack cravings.

3. Pack snacks

Say no to starving. If you’re hungry, you are likely to eat anything from the kitchen. You will have sweet food cravings that are not good for your health. Bring almonds, fruits and protein bars handy to eat in the afternoon. Keep any healthy snacks to make your willpower strong.

4. Prepare your meals at home

One of the best ways to control what you eat is by preparing homemade foods. Include healthy options in your lunch box as much as you can. Some healthy food includes fruits, seeds, or nuts for your snacks. This way, you no longer have to buy food from food trucks or fast-food chains and can even save money. If your colleagues share food with you, eat it in moderation. Also, do not skip meals as they lead to overeating.

5. Walk or ride the way to work

If you can bike or walk your way to work, then use it to add more activity into your day. You will arrive feeling fresh and energised, with a clear mind. If this is not viable, you can even take the stairs instead of an elevator. If you are using a car for commuting, you can park it a few metres away and walk the rest of the way to the office. Try a few different things and see what works best for you.

Is staying fit at work important to you? What other ideas have you used to stay healthy at work?